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Farm Family-Owned Business

Welcome to EK Farms Labs!  I'm Erin and I raise and breed AKC registered Merle Poodles, Chocolate, Silver and Charcoal Labradore Retrievers and just recently added F-1 Labradoodles (Lab/Poodle). 

Evie-Blue Merle Moyen Poodle


Located in Southeast Iowa along with my husband and two children we raise livestock and dogs.  My husband and I farm and we also hold jobs off the farm, mine being the 4-H coordinator in our county. 

All of our adult breeding dogs are part of our family and have been raised alongside our children and livestock.    All of our breeding girls are pictured.

Luna is a Charcoal (dilute black) lab. Luna is definitely a mamma's girl and can usually be found laying wherever I am.

Skye is a Silver (dilute chocolate) lab is our middle fur pup. She has a beautiful coat and throws all silver pups. Skye can be found swimming in the pond no matter the temperature, that girl loves water! 

Bella is our Chocolate lab and she is an original to our family.  Her grandmother Maggie was our first breeding lab. She is as laid back as they get but doesn't want to miss out on a good ear rub. Bella is currently retired and living her best life relaxing in the sun on the farm!

Evie is our Moyen Poodle girl that is the boss of the house.  She is very attached to me and will even place herself between my husband and I. She is as loyal and loving as they come and was the perfect COVID purchase!

Our males are through a stud program and are the sweetest guys around!

Bubba is an AKC registered sable mini poodle and Moose is a EK Farms chocolate boy from Bella's last Lab litter.  He is big and lanky with a charming disposition.


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